Solo trip to Italy – 5 nights, 3 cities.

My 6 day solo adventure to Italy was by far the most amazing, liberating and inspiring travel experience so far.

I arrived to Milan by plane and then travelled across the region to Florence and then Venice by train. Spent 3 nights at 2 different hostels, one night at a fancy boutique hotel in Venice and one night at the airport. You can sense how diverse my experience was.

For now I just want to show a sneak preview of happy me in Italy.


In the following few days I will share all the details of my trip with you – the solo travelling experience and the beautiful cities I visited. This trip definetley deserves to be shared.

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Venice by night

Hello Rome! Day 1.

I want to begin my short travel story with a repeated realization – the best experiences can also happen spontaneously, involving last minute decisions and only a few days of planning. This was the case with Rome. And I can say without a doubt, during the trip I did not one minute regret choosing Rome as a destination for a 3 day holiday.

Let’s begin with the transportation experience to the Hotel after a 3-hour long flight from Riga, Latvia. Firstly, I was very satisfied with the highly organized transport system from the airport and around Rome. The ticket to the City center from the Fiumicino airport to Roma Termini (Central Station of Rome) was only 5 euros for almost an hour long trip. The best part was the route taken with a chance of getting a “sneak peak” of your holiday, passing by popular attraction places, even the Colosseum. So I can surely say that the excitement already begins once stepping outside the airplane.

Arriving at the hotel

The 3-day stay was at the Aurelius Art Gallery Hotel Rome, Truly a gem. Both TripAdvisor and show a high rating of the hotel and it truly does deserve it. Very affordable price for a great location in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Three things that highlight why this was a great choice:

  1. Excellent location – The metro station (Cornelia) is very close by, about a 2-minute walk. Then comes the best part, without changing the metro line, 4 stops away is the Vatican city and the following stops lead you to other must-see attractions like the Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo and many more, because lets face it the places to see in Rome seem endless and all equally impressive.
  2. Wonderful staff – genuinely friendly and there to help you with anything you need. Got very clear instructions how to get about and recommendations of what not to miss.
  3. Value for money – at peak season, booking a double room last minute, the price was only around 90 euros a night. So if booking well in advance the price will be much lower.

Trevi Fountain and its surroundings

To see the Trevi Fountain the metro stop was Barberini. I just have to comment how much I adore Italian and the fantastic names of streets and places. On the way to the Trevi Fountain, you have a chance to see a sneak preview of Italian fashion stores. And while crossing every street, walking down the main road, I couldn’t resist taking a photo each time. Just beautiful.

Ok, now the Trevi fountain. You know you are approaching the Trevi fountain when you feel the increasing scent of the “fountain smell” and uprising volume of a mass of people. Once you get there you think – oh my, It’s enormous and it’s unbelievably beautiful. It’s one thing to see a photograph and completely another to stand there, fight for a place to take a photograph, because this is your only mission at this moment and then, of course to throw a coin into the Fountain to “ensure your return to Rome”. I made sure I would return, and not just once.  It is an absolute must see and while, do fight for the perfect shot, take a minute or two to see this masterpiece with your own eyes and just observe all the details it has to offer.

After visiting and experiencing the Trevi fountain – wander around. The nearby streets are filled with street artists and little interesting souvenir shops and restaurants.  For dinner, we chose a really touristic type of restaurant and I was very pleasantly surprised. The prices were great, the food absolutely delicious and of course the movie like Italian customer service. We ordered pasta, it would be a sin not to.

A few tips

  1. You can’t decide your next travel destination and you haven’t been to Rome? Book your tickets now!
  2. As you will almost definitely use the public transport, buy the 24, 48 or 72-hour tickets – you will save money and time.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes because you are going to do A LOT of walking.
  4. Take many sd cards with you. You will not be able to resist to take a photograph on almost every step. I took over 2000 photos just on my photo camera.
  5. Have fun, forget everything else and just enjoy Rome – it has so much to offer and it’s really going to be a breath of fresh air in your life and bring in a new perspective of the world and just how amazing it is.


And now enjoy the photo story – yes that’s me in the pink dress!



When in Rome…

I will surely post a more detailed post about my 3 day trip to Rome and how I managed to spend quality time visiting the Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi fountain and of course just wander around like in a dream through the beautiful, narrow streets.

But this post will be dedicated to a panorama shot of a peak of ancient Rome.

This trip has left me speechless and so full of new inspiration and energy, I really do hope that “all roads lead to Rome” and I will be back there soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and wait for my full story of how I had the most remarkable 3 day vacation of my life.


Revitalizing walk in the woods

Just a few hours in nature awakened all five senses.

The energizing smell of the forest and a soft breeze bringing in a hypnotizing hint of what is ahead – the Baltic coast.

The sight of the wide variety of trees, lingering tracks of people and animals, awakening the imagination. And the 40 minute walk ending with the sight of the endless vastness of white sand and the rough sea and waves hitting the coast.

The sound of the squeaking trees at the smallest gust of wind, even a woodpecker somewhere on the tree top. The deeper into the woods, the louder the sound of the sea ahead.

The best part of course is when you almost reach the sea – the increased touch of sand brushing your feet, climbing up the dune to see the enchanting scenery and taste the humid air arising from the water.

I ought to spend more time in nature and share my thoughts with you.


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When was the last time you were in the woods?